What to do if you have an arrest warrant

What is an arrest warrant?

An arrest warrant is simply when you don’t show up in court. When you have an appointment or the judge has asked you to appear in court.

Examples of how you can have an arrest warrant:

Recuerde que manejar sin licencia en el estado de California es un delito penal. 

Discussion at home with your wife
The order can be made without you being present and without your wife bringing charges against you.
You Have Some Drugs In your Possession and Police Pull You Over

Consequences of not taking action when you have an arrest warrant

If you ignore the fact that you have an arrest warrant, you will be arrested immediately by police, making your case more difficult.

You’re driving and a cop stops you

When you provide your license / data to the police, he will do a check of your record to ensure that you have nothing pending

You go to court for a civil or family matter
The biggest consequence of failing to fix an arrest warrant:

You are putting your freedom at risk and you can be arrested in any contact you have with the police or any law enforcement officer.

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