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What can people do when injured by defective products?

In the modern age of manufacturing, everything from can openers to safety seats are subject of strict safety regulations to protect consumers. Unfortunately, some products can be defective to the point that they risk injury. This can come in two main forms: (1) design defect and (2) manufacturing defect. A design defect is when a company failed to take into account basic safety concerns and built a product that is inherently dangerous to use – i.e. the design was flawed, rendering the product dangerous. A manufacturing defect, however, is where that specific item was made improperly, and somehow was sold or used even though it did not conform to the safety standards for which it was designed. In California, these kinds of products liability claims have “strict liability.” This means that if the evidence shows the product was improperly made (whether due to its design or manufacturing), and the defect caused your injury, then the company is automatically liable. If you have questions about whether your injuries or those of a loved one were caused by a product defect, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney right away to protect your rights.

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What can people do when injured by defective products?

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FAQ: What can people do when injured by defective products?

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