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You only have one chance to be found

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*We all make mistakes

Here at La Liga Defensora, we pride ourselves in getting to the absolute truth in your case. Our legal team will fight all accusations thrown against you.

Whether it was in the heat of the moment or a temporary lapse of judgment, we all deserve a second chance. 

In the United States of America, you are still innocent until proven guilty, and for good reason. 

Our legal strategies have worked time and time again to help our clients win their criminal defense cases. 

Prosecutors have the difficult task of proving a crime was committed. We help make that task harder.

What the majority of people like us don't understand is that the laws are also very strict for whoever is trying to enforce them. That is why a lawyer can help your criminal case. There are so many things that are not obvious at first glance that can help your case.

Hiring the wrong firm could cost you months and even years of freedom. 

You need a team of lawyers that understands the ins and outs of the complex legal justice system and knows how to utilize its internal functions to obtain the best results for your case. 

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